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At two o’clock in the morning on Monday 6th Feb 2023, my niece called me from Lattakia, Syria in horror to tell me that she and her mother are leaving their home because the building is shaking and many things in the apartment fell on the ground. Her voice was absolutely terrified, and she was very confused. I tried to calm her down and agreed with her that they had to leave immediately. They left and went by car to a safer and open area in the city.

They found that hundreds of thousands of people had done the same. Shortly after that, we all started to hear the terrible news that many buildings collapsed as a result of an incredibly powerful earthquake that hit South Turkey and North Syria including Latakia and Aleppo. We have lost in both cities people we knew and loved dearly.

Thousands of people were killed or injured in Lattakia and Aleppo where the earthquake hit very hard. Unfortunately, we still hear that people are under the rubble waiting to be rescued.

My niece and my sister have not slept for two days and have evacuated their home four times so far because of strong tremors that are threatening to destroy more buildings.

Please join us in our efforts to help those who has been affected by the earthquake by donating generously.

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