Awareness Foundation

Pioneers Program

Founded in 2003, the Awareness Foundation is an international humanitarian charity driven by Christian values that builds peace through education and training. We work in Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine and Lebanon and engage the support of all denominations. Supported by the Royal Patron HRH The Countess of Wessex, the Awareness Foundation is seeking an opportunity to expand reach in the United States. Our primary intention is to connect with American donors and stakeholders who are passionate about cultural, historical and youth engagement.

The newly-launched Pioneers Program for teens completes a track of programming designed to engage Middle Eastern children, youth and young adults. We are encouraged by a 2020 gift from Trinity Church, Wall Street in New York, to launch this program for teens, and we seek support to make it sustainable to expand it.

Little Heroes has a strong track record for children 6 to 12.

Ambassadors for Peace is an ongoing program to strengthen young adults.
The three programs complement each other, and through them the participants explore a better life and deeper relationships with God and with each other.

Our programming aims to take participants through a journey by building mental and physical well-being, self-confidence, resilience, competence, self-identity and relationships. There are four tracks available to program participants: spiritual, social, environmental, and personal. These tracks help build identify and strengthen community.

Measures of Success

Qualitative: Survey (conducted before/after program) results include how supported the youth feel after completing the program; highlighted aspects of behavior change (including world view, understanding of their place in their community, propensity to serve, and to speak to their friends and family about the program.)

Quantitative: The number of youth who seek the program and complete it; return participants (year on year); number of parents that decide to become involved; number of social media interactions around programming.