Awareness Foundation


Pioneering Women

Given that women play a prominent role within society, women aspire for parity in opportunities, particularly within the entrepreneurship environment, JCI Latakia and the Awareness Foundation have collaboratively initiated the “Pioneering Woman” project.

The project aims: to deliver both practical and theoretical training in the realm of entrepreneurship, with the primary objective of enabling women to enter the job market. This endeavour seeks to empower women by equipping them with the skills needed to generate income and fulfil their life’s necessities independently.

Project Objectives: Given the challenges the nation has faced in recent years, particularly in the aftermath of the earthquake, a significant number of young women find themselves unemployed and struggling to secure their livelihoods. As a response, the key goal of this project is to create employment opportunities for women who have undergone comprehensive entrepreneurial training. This approach ensures that women are not only empowered but also provided with the necessary knowledge to initiate their ventures successfully. Moreover, continuous support and supervision post-employment guarantee a sustainable impact and promote self-reliance by preventing setbacks.

Target Audience: The selection of the target demographic was based on specific criteria, following an assessment of a cohort of women. The chosen age range for participants falls between 20 and 35 years.

Project Timeline:

Phase One:

This stage encompasses training sessions that cover entrepreneurship, management, creative thinking, and psychological and mental empowerment. Women partake in these sessions to acquire a solid understanding of leadership principles.

Phase Two:

A pivotal conference convenes, bringing together Syrian businesswomen, project collaborators, official representatives, as well as the trained women themselves. This event fosters connections between the participants and establishes a network to secure employment opportunities.

Phase Three:

Continuous monitoring is carried out for women who have secured job placements. The Pioneering Woman Project Committee takes charge of regularly tracking the progress of individuals whose proposals have been adopted. This proactive approach, undertaken on a monthly basis, serves to prevent gaps in progress and facilitate their journey toward self-sufficiency.