Awareness Foundation

The Directors of Awareness Foundation America, our US-based sister organisation, met in New York in May 2018 to dedicate themselves to another year of fundraising for the work of the Awareness Foundation.

Meeting at the House of The Redeemer on the Upper East Side, the Directors, who are skilled volunteers from Toronto and Ottawa (Canada), New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and South Carolina, together with The Revd Nadim Nassar and St.John Wright from the Awareness Foundation, discussed exciting plans for promoting the work of the Foundation in North America over the next twelve months.

The meeting was led by Christopher Bunting (Chair, Awareness Foundation America, pictured left,) and Reem Issa, (Chief Executive Officer, Awareness Foundation).

Key recommendations included the development of a new fundraising strategy, increased communication between the Foundation and its many fundraisers/supporters, and a new emphasis on storytelling – communicating our successes and the genuine impact they have on people’s lives.