Awareness Foundation

Goodbye our beloved brother and friend Chris, may the risen Lord accept you in his eternal light and comfort our hearts with his Holy Spirit. You accompanied the Awareness Foundation since the first day 20 years ago. You gave us all your love, affection and wisdom, as a friend and also as a valued member of the International Board of Trustees, and we will never forget you. Continue your journey of love and eternal life with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ the source of love and life. You’ll be always missed and remembered.

In the early days of the Foundation, Chris was enormously helpful to Nadim and the other founders. Through the foundation, Chris was able to travel to both Syria and more recently to Lebanon, which were important and memorable experiences for him.

Over the years Chris introduced The Awareness Foundation to Grace Church on-the-Hill in Toronto, where he was a faithful member of the community and served with distinction as a churchwarden until recently, and thereby established the various connections that now exist between the foundation and many Canadian organizations and supporters. (On a personal note, had it not been for Chris, I never would have come to my own connection with the foundation, and the opportunity to serve as chair of the UK foundation.) He therefore served on the Canadian support committee alongside Bob Davies; chaired Awareness Foundation America just before Donald Fishburne; and he also served for many years on the UK board. Chris’ involvement and support was truly singular – loyal and consistent across circumstances and time. When Nadim was in Toronto just a few months ago, he took the opportunity to honour Chris’ many contributions to the Foundation at a dinner, and presented him with an inscribed antique platter from Syria. It was a timely tribute.

We will find a way to keep our beloved friend’s legacy alive in the life of the Foundation. Rest in peace our brother and friend and receive the joy His eternal life.