Awareness Foundation

As the Awareness Foundation is celebrating this year the 20th anniversary of its ministry, we must say farewell to our founding Patron Lord Cadogan. Charles was one of the earliest people that believed wholeheartedly in the mission and vision of the Foundation. He used to call it “Our Foundation”.

As I started my first job as a principle of the Foundation, I cleared a small space in the gallery for my first disk and chair to start my work looking at inside the magnificent church of Holy trinity, Sloane Square, where Charles was baptised and grew up. The gallery was totally neglected more than half a century. When Charles Cadogan heard about the condition of my office in the dusty and dirty gallery, he sent a company that cleared the whole gallery and turned it into a wonderful space for the foundation to flourish. After that, he built an extra office for the Foundation in the alleyway between Holy Trinity and the hotel next door. He did not spare money or effort to support our ministry even after we left Holy Trinity, he provided a precious and important space in Chelsea for us to continue our work until the start of the COVID Pandemic.

I remember him talking about his memories visiting the Middle East especially Lebanon and how much he enjoyed the hospitality and generosity of the people there. Charles offered me personally and the Awareness Foundation an infinite amount of generosity and kindness.
I never forget the joy that I saw in his eyes when we went to meet him and offered him the gold cross of the Foundation. He thanked us warmly and renewed his commitment to support what we are doing especially helping the suffering young people and children in Syria and in Iraq.

We will always remember with great affection his love and dedication for good causes thanking the Lord Cadogan for his faith, great spirit of giving and caring. Charles will be greatly missed by us and all those who loved him.

We send Dorothy and the whole family our deepest condolences and assure them that Charles is in a better place. We pray that the Lord may accept him in His eternal light and comfort our heart by His Holy Spirit.