Awareness Foundation

Nadim, Huda, Elza and many of our Ambassadors for Peace are celebrating Christmas with the Little Heroes in Syria today!

More than 225 Syrian children, who are participating in our Little Heroes mentoring program, have come together on Christmas Eve* to celebrate the birth of Jesus and to be re-inspired as they promote a fresh attitude of peace and reconciliation in their communities

In the photograph on the left, Huda Nassar is standing next to the Franciscan priest who has been our host for this very special day.

 As part of the festivities, Father Christmas visited, and gave every child a very useful present from the Awareness Foundation: their own umbrella – not every day in Syria is sunny, especially in the winter!

*Although the Orthodox Christmas will not arrive until next month, Christians – and people of all faiths – celebrate each others’ holidays and respect the different calendars that each uses.

Please Give at Christmas this year to support our

wonderful life-changing work with children of Syria